Top Recent Sports Disappointments

For all those sports fans, there would always be disappointments after your team loses, your favorite players got injured, team breaking up, lockouts and other reasons that can make you scream at your TV becasue of that disappointment. I will list some sports disappointments from sports that have a world reach and not just sport event from one country or one region.

Here I will list some recent sports event disappointments.

1. Kimbo Slice entering UFC

As a little back history, Kimbo Slice was popular in the web because of his street fights. He was particularly popular because of his big massive size, fighting strength during those street fights. In most of his street fighting videos, he has nearly won all of them with just one video having Kimbo Slice losing but there are rumors circling around that he is picking his fights and not showing the videos of the fights that he has lost.

Now lets move forward to 2008 with his fight against Seth Petruzelli. He has won all of his fights before this one but the rumors of fighting only weak opponents are circling around. And Petruzelli was not really the first choice. It should have been Ken shamrock but because of a cut, they have to have another alternative for Kimbo Slice to fight. With just mere seconds after the ring, Kimbo Slice lunged head first and get a slight bump to the head that left him immobilized. Just after 14 seconds, Kimbo Slice was defeated via TKO.

2. Tiger Woods Getting Back At Golf After The Injury circa 2009-Present

We all know what happened with his scandal about his womanizing and porn stars but even before that, people are disappointed when he came back after the injury in 2009. When he came back after an 8 month rest, he was not on the top form we know from Tiger Woods but he is not easy pickings either. While he may have lost some major tournaments in 2009, he have won some major tournaments too. But his personal life problem has hindered him from playing and announced his break from golf indefinitely. When he came back April 2010, The Tiger Woods we all know is gone. He has gotten worse tournaments after tournaments. And as of 2011, he has not even qualified for some tournaments because of a low score/point.

3. Michael Jordan's Washington Wizard Comeback

We all know that Michael Jordan was one of the most well known sports figure in the world and even know, one of the most popular basketball players even if he is retired now for a few years. In 1998, Michael Jordan left the world of basketball with a bang by leaving with a 3-peat championship, and 6 rings. We can all say that he has left the sport of basketball during his glory days.

In 2001, he came back to the NBA but not as a bulls but a wizard because he is a part owner and the wizard roster is full of injuries. He may not have his athleticism in his glory days but he can still play the game. He have a higher shooting percentages than the average but his team is really not a championship contender let alone a championship team. A comeback championship is not all but a dream.

4. NBA lockout 2011-2012

After a record breaking profit from the 2010-2011 season, The NBA team owners and the NBA player association have a disparagement with owners not having enough profit and players not wanting to take a pay cut.

With this lockout, old players like Jason Kidd, Grant Hill may have not enough health to play another season if this NBA lockout last though 2012.

Contracts between players and team may have already finished that the roster if started will be missing some players. Rookie players having no chance to test and try out their skills and fans being left out in the dark when other sports are gaining popularity all over the world. This is really a dark time for the NBA and even might be their last.

5.) Miami Heat Big 3

We all know the Decision of Lebron James that have left some Lebron Fans chanting, and cleveland fans shouting profanity, the big 3 was one of the most hyped events that happened this last NBA season 2011.

The Big 3 combined the skills of Bosh a good forward, the blazing speed of miami heat and Lebron so called "king skills" but even with the hype and the supposed advantage of skills, experience and team play have outlasted Miami to quench the NBA championship in 2011.

Bosh is not defending good enough inside, Power struggle between wade and Lebron and Lebron choking in the fourth quarter. This is by far the most recent sports disappointment because of the hype accompanying it.

We all know the "So I asked Lebron for change for a dollar and he only gave me 75 cents. Seems he does not have a fourth quarter"

Other Notable sports disappointments:
Usain Bolt getting injured not going for the world record
NFL lockout
Russian ice hockey team Lokomotiv

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